For a wide variety of applications in medical technology, we reliably monitor the fulfillment of the requirements associated with an electromagnetic solution. In addition, we are highly competent in supplying function blocks and valve blocks as a combination of solenoid, mechanics and electronic control.

Product examples show the wide range of our activities.

[Translate to English:] Durchfluß-Regelventil V PR M 016 Pädiatrische Beatmung

Flow control valve V PR M 016

Flow control valve for pediatric ventilation

[Translate to English:] Schlauchklemmen in Dialysemaschinen

Linear solenoid G TC A

Hose clamps in dialysis machines

[Translate to English:] Mediengetrenntes Magnetventil Fluidtechnik in medizintechnischen Apparaten und Dialysemaschinen

Media-separated solenoid valve

Fluid technology in medical devices and dialysis machines

[Translate to English:] Miniatur- Magnetventil V PK M 007 Pneumatische Steuerung in Blutdruckmessgeräten

Miniature solenoid valve V PK M 007

Pneumatic control in blood pressure monitors

[Translate to English:] Miniatur- Magnetventil Typ G BR L 010

Miniature solenoid valvesG BR L 010

Pneumatic control in blood pressure monitors

Rotary solenoid G DA Y 075

Rotary solenoid G DA Y 075

Actuation of hose clamps in dialysis machines

Standard Products

As specialists in the field of electromagnetic and actuator and sensor technology, we offer, in addition to our special developments, a wide range of standard products for various applications: